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Just three years ago, I was so uninspired that I found myself walking around literally asking people, “What makes me unique? What makes me valuable?”

It was frustrating, and exhausting. I kept hoping someone’s answer would fill void I felt inside. Alas, they couldn’t give me that answer – I needed to find it for myself.

Three grueling years of looking outside for my greatness, I finally stumbled on my path to rediscovering my greatness.

Until this past weekend at the 2015 National Speakers Association’s national conference, I really thought I was the only person who felt this way.

As I stood, completely captivated by Lynn Rose’s opening performance, I felt alive. She was fully present, and focused on sharing the greatness that is her voice. It was as if God was moving through her on that stage; there was no way you’d have remained uninspired as you listened. Her ego took a back seat, and she showed up.

The very next day, I had a chance to appreciate her for showing up so completely. After thanking me, she said something that changed my life. “And to think that I walked away from this industry just a couple years ago.“

“What? Are you crazy,” I said, “YOU lost sight of your greatness?”

Her willingness to share vulnerably with me was deeply inspiring, and I walked away feeling hope. If she could go from feelings of worthlessness to delivering a performance like that, then I can too.

Damian Mason was another speaker that blew me away after delivering one of the most hysterical, informative, and insightful keynote speeches I’ve experienced, he turned around and shared his story in a breakout session.

Damian is a Bill Clinton impersonator, whose business tanked after Clinton left office, and he struggled to reinvent himself. No one could see Damian Mason, the marketing and business strategist – they could only see him as an impersonator.

After his wife talked him out of taking a job selling medical supplies because she “didn’t want to live with a Damian whose spirit was crushed” and uninspired, he took a job doing manual labor for 12hrs/day, three days a week. He spent the other two days working on his craft. Now, his business is exploding again.

Here’s my biggest take away from NSA this year: Never, Never, Never give up.

No, that’s someone else’s quote.

Here it is. When you are uninspired, you should:

Keep Exposing yourself to new opportunities, people, and projects. Reflect on those experiences to continue learning about yourself. And take Action on the opportunities that come to you.

It’s through continual Exposure, Reflection, and Action that we stumble upon a whole new ERA for our greatness to emerge.

Here’s to your greatness!

Misti Burmeister

Image Credit: The Umbrella Syndicate