Here’s How You Sway Others To Take Action

Ever find yourself frustrated with the push back you get from someone you care about and would like to see succeed? Perhaps you’ve encouraged them to get more training, go to a conference, build new relationships, or finish their degree. Despite your many attempts to encourage them, they do nothing. Should you just give up and move on? Yes and Read More >

Here’s What To Do With Colleagues Who Aren’t Pulling Their Weight

Whether they’re mooching off your hard work, taking credit for a job well done, or complaining about their inability to keep up, difficult colleagues can increase your workload and get in the way of finishing on time. With a strong commitment to leaving the project in a better place than she found it, Katherine, a new lawyer, tag-teamed with one Read More >

3 Critical Steps Leaders Need To Achieve More with Less Staff

Struggling with a small staff? Need to find a way to get the ones you have fully engaged? Here are three key steps to take: Clarify Outcomes Beyond shareholder value, bonuses and becoming “the best,” consider gaining clarity and communicating consistently these three elements: How does your product/service contribute to your customers’ needs? And, how does your company/team deliver the Read More >

How Do You Get Them To Take Action On Your Feedback?

  Question from audience: How do you nurture a willingness to accept or seek feedback in others? And than get them to take action on it? The most important answer is much simpler than it is easy: Show me! Demonstration is key. By actively seeking out feedback, and taking action on it, you will naturally show them how seek out, Read More >

When Blame Trumps Innovation

“Employees will always treat customers the way they are treated by management.”— Misti Burmeister On my flight to Cabos, Mexico, earlier this year, I changed planes in Houston, Texas. Unlike the first flight, which was at max capacity, this plane had several open seats closer to the front. Tempted as I was to switch, I nestled into my assigned seat – 30C. Just Read More >

Don’t Get Mad; Get Pushy

“Holding people to their promises, or even to their greatness, is far from easy work. But it’s worth the effort to do so!”— Misti Burmeister After buying a house in Baltimore, my partner and I decided that a splash of paint, a couple ceiling fans, and removing the wet bar from the basement would make this house into our home. Peter, our Read More >