Increase satisfaction, reduce stress, and free your time to do other things by increasing psychological safety on your team.

This is the second practice in a 3-part series, offering you practical tools for increasing psychological safety.

What is psychological safety?

If you haven’t seen the first v2 minute video, click here now: — we cover what psychological safety is, is not, and the top three impediments to creating/strengthening it.

#1 practice for increasing psychological safety In the second video — view here: — we dig into the top practice for increasing psychological safety. Go ahead and watch those first two videos before watching this one…

The Second Practice For Increasing Psychological Safety

In this video, we will get into the second practice for increasing psychological safety:

2. Learn their story. Spend time with each one of your team members. Get to know their stories… Where did they come from, how did they end up in this industry, what are some of their future goals and aspirations, what have been some of the greatest struggles? What are some of their current challenges? We always feel safer with people who know who we are.

Creating psychological safety on our teams is a set of key practices that are well worth the investment of time and energy. Begin today by learning their stories. Next week, we will launch the third (of three) video, with practice number 3.

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