Reduce the stress on your team, increase employee satisfaction, and free up your time to do other things by increasing psychological safety.

This is the third part of a 3-part series, offering you practical tools for increasing psychological safety.

What is psychological safety?

If you haven’t seen the first, 2 minute video, click here now: — we cover what psychological safety is, is not, and the top three impediments to creating/strengthening it.

Go ahead and watch that first video before watching this one… you’ll be glad you did!

Second practice for increasing psychological safety

In the second video — view here: — we dig into second top practice for increasing psychological safety.

Enjoy and reap the benefits of putting it into practice.

The Third Practice For Increasing Psychological Safety

In this video, we will get into the first practice for increasing psychological safety:

3. Engage in discourse. McKenzies research shows that open dialogue skills is at the top of the skills needed to create psychological safety. As I mentioned at the beginning of the video, if everybody on your team is always in agreement, there is very likely a lack of psychological safety. By intentionally engaging in discourse (or disagreement), your signaling that it is safe to share your ideas, No matter how outlandish they may seem to be.

A critical factor in your success with engaging in discourse is to establish some norms, or rules of engagement. For example, gossip and cutting people off is not acceptable. Regardless of what you and your team choose as rules of engagement, they were ultimately behave in accordance with what you do. Do you interrupt people? Do you allow for gossip? Do you engage in gossip? Do you downplay peoples ideas? Do you appreciate people for sharing their ideas? Do you listen generously, and repeat back what you’re hearing to make sure that you got it, and that they feel heard?

Creating psychological safety on our teams is a set of key practices that well worth the investment of time and energy. Begin today by learning more about the people you work work, sharing your stories, and intentionally engaging in discourse. 

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