5 Critical Elements to Innovation in Healthcare and Beyond: An Interview Jennifer Ruzek Liebermann, Director, Garfield Health Care Innovation Center at Kaiser Permanente

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Jennifer R. Liebermann’s passion is not only infectious… it is literally transforming the way an entire industry thinks about health care and leadership.

If you want to gain access to truth behind what it takes to create collaboration and innovation, listen to this podcast!

Jennifer Liebermann is a Kaiser Permanente “intrapraneur” who is passionate about shaping the future of health.  In 2006, she launched Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Health Care Innovation Center, the first of its kind. The Garfield Center enables patients and clinicians to envision the future of health care and create it in a safe, simulated environment.  Described as a “giant Montessori school for adults”, the Garfield Center draws on design thinking principles to ideate, prototype and spread innovation.

Throughout the podcast, you will hear candid answers to following questions:

  1. How do you get people inside an organization as big as Kaiser Permanente to collaborate?
  2. How do you get buy-in at all levels?
  3. If innovation and collaboration are critical to a leaders success, what is the first step any organization must take to begin the process?
  4. How do you get people to feel empowered and take action?
  5. How do you get people to shift their behaviors when they’re used to working in a certain way?

To learn more about Jennifer, click here. You can learn more about Garfield Health Care Innovation Center by clicking here.

I hope that one day all leaders adopt your philosophy and commitment, Jennifer—Thank you for being a powerful force for innovation in our health care industry!

Here’s to Your Greatness,
Misti Burmeister


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