How to Make Sure Your Marketing Stays Up-To-Date: An Interview With Bill Carmody, CEO, Trepoint

Bill Carmody

A pioneer in website development for big business, winner of numerous awards for his work in marketing, Bill Carmody simplifies marketing and makes his strategies available and easy to understand.

During the interview, Bill talked about the critical steps to gaining clarity in your marketing:

  1. Congratulate yourself when/if you recognize that you don’t know the “why” behind your business.
  2. Reconnect (or connect) to real reason (why) behind your business.
  3. Understand why anyone (beside obvious stakeholders) should care about the success of your business. E.g. Most people want to “Deliver Happiness” – well done, Zappos!
  4. Ensure your messaging is clear and easy to repeat.

Books referenced during interview:

Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big

Daring Greatly

Thank you, Bill! I so enjoyed our bantering, as well as the opportunity to learn from you!

Here’s to Your Greatness,

Misti Burmeister

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