Gain Clarify and Confidence—Get Unstuck: An Interview With Joel Boggess


Joel Boggess is an incredibly generous author, coach, and podcaster who loves his two Golden Retrievers.

Throughout the podcast, he not only shared simple techniques for getting unstuck, and increasing your confidence, he also gave a personal example of a challenge he’s addressing right now. It has to do with his belief about being an entreprenuer.

Thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur, a leader, or simply someone with influence can be overwhelming for those who didn’t grow up around entrepreneurially-minded people. Shifting our belief systems challenging, and worth every bit of effort.

Joel shared about how he’s doing it.

During the interview, I asked Joel about how he helps people get unstuck, and gain a sense of direction. He shared about an exercise he takes people through that has proven results – here it is, especially for you.

Do the exercise, and let us know what you learn right here on the comment section of this blog.

To learn more about Joel, the ReLaunch podcast, or his inspiring training, go here and subscribe today.

Joel, you are remarkable, and I’m grateful I get the chance to share your brilliance with the world. Thank you!

Here’s to Your Greatness,


Misti Burmeister


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