Companies lose precious time and money on employees who simply are not motivated. The Gallup Organization is famously quoted for their research on disengagement – billions, in the U.S. alone.


The days of threatening people (with their job) to get them to care more, or produce better results, are gone. Well, not entirely. They might work harder, but they won’t care more.


Like attracts like, and getting them to care requires caring more about them. In reality, most people want to do a good job. They most certainly don’t set out to be unsuccessful, yet something is missing, and smart leaders are helping to fill the gap.


In fact, the leaders who don’t work the fill the gap wind up becoming the ones that add “employee turnover” to their yearly budget. Yes, there is a law firm here on the east coast that takes pride in their 30% yearly turnover rate.


They would rather prepare to deal with 30% attrition than figure out what motivates their employees. “I pay them to do a job,” is, after all, their motto.


Through this podcast, you will hear both the specifics of what causes employees to lose motivation (directly from a talented, and demotivated employee), as well as specific strategies for how to address each one.


This podcast has been purposefully put together to help both the disengaged employee, as well as the ones who lead them. Enjoy!


On a side note, do you lack motivation? Are you seeking to help others who do? Send your specific challenge to podcast@mistiburmeister.com, and we will address your specific challenge on an upcoming podcast.




Thanks to Ben Sound, Dexter Britain and Gillycuddy for their music contribution and LN Lurie for producing this podcast.