Dr. Mario Livio

I had the rare chance to listen to Dr. Mario Livio speak at TEDx Midatlantic. His message was inspiring and interesting – check it out here.

After his speech, I met him in the hallway, grabbed coffee with Mario and his wonderful wife, and learned that he lives right around the corner from me.

Since then, I devoured his most recent New York Times best selling book, Brilliant Blunders. It’s excellent – grab your copy today!

I was delighted when he agreed to be on your Provoking Your Greatness podcast. While he shares many insights to instigating creativity and innovation, and also shared the top three strategies to reaching (and provoking) greatness. Here they are:

  1.     Stay Curious. We had some lively discussion on what it means to be curious, and how to stay curious.
  2.     Follow Your Curiosity. Listen in to learn more details on how to do this.
  3.     Invest in Your Interests. This is to say, feed your passion.

Dr. Mario Livio is an internationally renowned astrophysicist, who has worked for 24 years with the Hubble Space Telescope.

He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

He has published more than 400 scientific papers on topics ranging from Dark Energy and cosmology to black holes and extrasolar planets.

Dr Livio is also the author of five popular science books, including “The Golden Ratio” (a National Bestseller for which he received the “Peano Prize” and the “International Pythagoras Prize”) and “Is God A Mathematician?” Livio’s recent book, “Brilliant Blunders”, was on the Bestsellers List of the New York Times, and was selected by the Washington Post as one of the “2013 Best Books of the Year.”

To learn more about Mario, go here.

To connect directly, go here, of simply email Mario here: dr.mario.livio@gmail.com.

Here’s to Your Greatness, Dr. Mario Livio!

Thank you,

Misti Burmeister