Do you have folks on your team who show up and do a good-enough job, but lack the enthusiasm and added accountability for bringing Their best?

Have you tired to get them to see that there’s more they can bring to the table, and way more they can get out of their career, only to watch them continue to do only what’s given to them?

You want them to empower them, and frankly you need their ideas and good energy. Yet, you’ve tried all you know how to do, and it hasn’t changed a thing.

In this short video, I offer a simple and practical strategy for helping your team members develop into their potential, and take the associated risks that come with personal accountability.

The key is to go away from telling them, and onto helping them… take more risks, make more mistakes, and see what’s possible when they do.

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Here’s to your greatness,

Misti Burmeister

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