Wanda Alexander, President and CEO of Horizon Consulting, Inc., photographed in Lansdowne VA, 23 July 2013.

How do you know you’re hiring the right person? Do they fit your culture, or will they be gone in a few short months?

In an exclusive interview with Wanda Alexis Alexander, CEO and Founder of Horizon Consulting Inc, she shares her system for ensuring person/company fit. Here are a few of the other items Wanda addresses:

  • Tips for discovering what drives you.
  • The importance (and how to) of a vision.
  • How to get people, during the interview, to really understand the culture.
  • Getting past the problems… onto seeing their potential.
  • How do you pull out the best in others?
  • She describes how others provoked her greatness.
  • The role of vulnerability in leadership, and
  • How to use your failures to propel your success.

For more than a decade, I have interviewed hundreds of provokers (powerful leaders who pull out the best in others) asking this very question: What are your secrets for pulling out the best in the folks on your team? How do you get them excited, passionate, and committed to your mission?

In the following 30 minutes, you will learn Wanda Alexis Alexander’s tools for pulling out greatness, and building a culture where excellence is the bottom line.

Here’s the deal …

This interview was done on the phone, so you can expect it to sound like… a phone call. J

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