How Do You Get Them To Take Action On Your Feedback?



Question from audience:

How do you nurture a willingness to accept or seek feedback in others? And than get them to take action on it?

The most important answer is much simpler than it is easy: Show me!

  1. Demonstration is key. By actively seeking out feedback, and taking action on it, you will naturally show them how seek out, accept, and take action on feedback.
  2. Their goals? Help them see how a specific shift in behavior will get them the result they
  3. Criticism is hard! Provide support and encouragement along the way.

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One thought on “How Do You Get Them To Take Action On Your Feedback?

  1. Kevin Frick

    Interesting question because accepting and seeking are two VERY different things. Nevertheless, I like to “lead by example” and as a manager the combination of encouragement with constructive criticism goes a long way. Sometimes it can be tough to do #2–but I can see where that is key.


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