How To Find The Right Person For The Job

Ever find yourself scratching your head in disbelief just months after hiring the person you thought was the perfect fit?

“They were eager, skilled, and even came highly recommended,” you thought to yourself, “Why are (or aren’t) they doing____?” you lament, frustrated with them.

Of course, the experience is equally unnerving for the person who accepted the position—

“Why did I think this job would be more exciting? Why did I think this team was the perfect fit for me? Why didn’t I find a way to learn more about the people I’d be working with before taking this position?” they vent, as they re-engage on LinkedIn, scoping out their options.

Regardless of whether you’re the employee or employer, finding the right fit requires a great deal more dancing then most allow in the hiring process. This reality hit home for me just a few weeks back, when I got a call from a syndicated television producer looking to me as a potential host for his show.

Excited, I took the call immediately and found my heart racing as he talked about the people I’d meet along with the opportunities that were sure to spin off. Throughout our call, I hammered him with questions about the details of the show and why he decided to co-produce it.

By the end of the call, it occurred to me that he hadn’t asked a single question about me, yet he was ready to get the ball rolling. His reason? “You seem to have lots of energy, and that’s what we need for a show like this.”

As much as I wanted to jump on the bandwagon, I couldn’t. I needed to understand why he co-founded this show, along with his long-term vision.

During our brief phone conversation, he shared one of his reasons for starting the show—“To gain access to bigger investing opportunities.” While bolstering revenue is good for all businesses and bank accounts, it has never been my driving factor in any endeavor.

Rather than run the other direction based on this perceived mismatch in values, I’m digging deeper and calling mutual colleagues to learn about his reputation and commitment to his community. The research will undoubtedly consume time, but it will also save me from wasting gobs of energy on resentments and frustrations resulting from a bad fit.

Want to find the right fit? Consider taking your time in gathering the answers to the most critical questions—questions that let you know how you’re going to ensure their success on your team.

Here’s to your greatness,

Misti Burmeister


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