Rich Fairbank, CEO and Founder of Capital One said, “There’s a direct correlation between the people who rise in my organization, and those who ask for feedback.”

Just as a baby has to bump it’s head a few times (feedback) before s/he learns to walk, we all need to mess up before we get it right. The struggle for most of us is this thing called “age.”

At some point we decide that we should know, and wind up loosing the ability to learn (or teach) as a result. Rather than adjust our standing posture to avoid hitting our head again, we opt for ramming our heads into brick walls.

Rather than figure out why we weren’t picked for the opportunity, we work harder at doing things the same way. Yet, we secretly hope to get a better result. We’ve all been there, in one-way or another.

So, how do we revert back to the openness we had as a child and get back to the benefits of failing, especially when it hurts?

Through this podcast, you will learn first-hand from a woman who brilliantly learned from a failed opportunity. Christina Bolton is masterful (almost child-like) at turning critical feedback into a launching pad for opportunity.

She was so impressive that I had to pick her brain to uncover her strategies for getting so much out of critical feedback. I learned a ton from this interview, and I trust you will too… enjoy!

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