How to Reinvent Yourself: Interview With Damian Mason

Damian Mason

From political comedy to professional reinvention, Damian Mason is traveling the country providing practical steps for staying relevant in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace.

Not only did I get a chance to watch his hysterical political comedy show at the National Speakers Association’s National Conference in DC, I also got to experience his breakout session on reinvention.

His own personal story was vulnerable, captivating, and produced practical steps for reinvention. So, I asked him to jump on Provoking Your Greatness Podcast and share his secrets for success.

Here’s a bit of what he shared:

  • Talent is overrated – deliberate practice is critical.
  • Find a way to use your talents to add value, and you’ll have passion that’s productive.
  • Two critical steps to increasing your tolerance for risk:
  • Save money
  • Invest in yourself – learn, grow, evolve

For more information, and to get free resources on reinvention, click here.

Thank you for sharing your Greatness, Damian Mason!

Here’s to Your Greatness,

Misti Burmeister

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