Do you want your employees to be satisfied with their professional experience, and sense that they are not? Have you noticed that they are stressed and frustrated, and often quiet in meetings?

When your team is more satisfied, your stress will be lower. When your stress is lower, then you’ll have more energy for other things.

In this video series (4 in total), we will uncover–

1. What psychological safety is,
2. What psychological safety is not,
3. The top three impediments to psychological safety, and
4. The top 3 practices for increasing psychological safety; thereby increasing…

  • Employee satisfaction 
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Energy
  • Diversity

In this video, we get into what what psychological safety is not, what it is, and the top three impediments to psychological safety.

Here’s what psychological safety is not:

  • adherence to rules.
  • a lack of confrontation.
  • going along to get along.

In fact, if no one ever speaks up in disagreement on your team, there’s a pretty good chance they don’t feel safe to bring their ideas and perspectives to the company, your team, the project, or the customer.

Here’s what psychological safe is: A feeling that it’s safe to bring your full self, including your ideas, suggestions, disagreements, and creativity to the team.

Impediments To Psychological Safety

There are several ways we inadvertently sabotage psychological safety. Here are a few that rise to the top:

  • gossip, which happens when people aren’t just talking straight with one another.
  • interrupting, or cutting each other off, is acceptable.
  • not feeling heard, which happens when nobody ever acknowledges your ideas, suggestions, or efforts.

Up Next: #1 practice for increasing psychological safety In the next video, we will dive into the top practice for increasing psychological safety on your team, and in your life. Be on the look out for title video title: #1 practice for increasing psychological safety on your team.

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