Interviews with Provokers Bannerzephan

Just two years ago, Zephan was working a full time job with a top technology company and was frustrated with his inability to do the work he loved. Since we went to the same gym, I got to experience not only his struggles, but also his breakthroughs.

Nearly every day, he lamented about the customers he had to deal with, and a lack of control over his schedule. Then, he made the decision, quit his job, and started hustling.

In just nine months, he managed to get an opportunity to film at the White House and on set for House of Cards. I watched his journey, and literally heard him say, “Yes, I’ll do it,” constantly… even when he wasn’t being paid.

Today, with his work displaying in professional sporting arenas around the US and on major television stations such as ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, I sit back in awe of his courage.

Zephan is constantly thirsting for more out of life and living every day to the fullest. And he’s inspired me on many occasions to do the same. Just being around him increases my courage.

Rather than keep all the goodness to myself, I asked Zephan to share his journey over the past two years. For this interview, he flung the doors open, shared the truth of his struggles, and offered resources and ideas to not only live your greatness, but provoke others to do the same.

In fact, you’ll want to share this interview with everyone you know… it’s that good!

Okay, on with it – Listen in.

Here’s to Your Greatness!

Misti Burmeister

P.S. Here are the resources Zephan pointed to during the interview – I’m excited to read and learn from them. Enjoy!

A great book – Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

This is fascinating – One Red Paper Clip – check it out!