Get People to Take Action NOW: Interview with Mark Goulston



This interview is filled with valuable insight for executives, those striving to be in a leadership position, and those ready to discover proven strategies for winning people over.

Beyond a business advisor, speaker, and coach who honed his skills as an FBI/police hostage negotiation trainer, Mark Goulston is down to earth and shares practical strategies for:

  • Using conversation deepeners to increase morale;
  • Effectively dealing with des-pair, and even suicide, through empathy;
  • Getting your desired client (or boss) to ask you to do the work you love through ICU (Important, Critical, and Urgent) conversations;
  • Influencing employees, leaders, and even customers to take the initiative now;
  • Overcoming exhaustion and overwhelm today;
  • Becoming a pluser, and avoiding the toper mentality that traps many of us;
  • Healing through mentors.

“The purist form of listening is to listen without memory or desire.” – Wilford Bion

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