Little Stories That Make a Big Impact

This pandemic (along with massively unsettling political shenanigans) is causing immense weariness, and exhausting employees across the globe. Simply said, our brains are not built for processing or pivoting at the magnitude that this level of uncertainty and change are commanding. Many leaders are looking for ways to help their teams keep momentum and focus in the midst of it all. 

While there may be little you can do to change what’s happening, you can change your point of attention and focus, and therefore protect the energy and momentum of your team in the process. 

Micro Stories That Matter

Moments after arriving at Labcorp, where my wife, Yvette, was getting her blood drawn, she overheard the phlebotomist lamenting about not having time to get her favorite coffee before getting to work. 

“How do you like your coffee?” Yvette asked, soon after sitting on the chair.

“Oh, I like the coffee from the bagel shop. Their creamer is the best,” she said, preparing the equipment to take Yvette’s blood. 

Soon after getting her blood drawn, Yvette popped over to the bagel shop, got the phlebotomist’s favorite coffee/creamer, and delivered it to her in between patients.  

“Here you go… Enjoy!” Yvette said, and then came home (her new/temporary office) and shared the story with me. Immediately my mood was lifted. Can you imagine the energetic impact of such kindness on Yvette and the woman she surprised?

Sharing The Good Vibes

And now the story has had an impact on you, and everyone you forward it to. The trickle down effect of such a small gesture of kindness has the potential of affecting the energy level and focus of thousands around the globe.  

Everyday there are countless opportunities to find little moments to brighten another person’s day. This simple act not only impacts you and the person you gift, but it can impact everyone on your team. In fact, these little gifts can be focused on your team

Create A Gifting-Game On Your Team

They don’t need to be big gifts. They can be small moments of acknowledgement and appreciation. You can even create a gifting-game on your team in which you share these types of stories weekly, or even daily.

With all the change and uncertainty causing inordinate amounts of fear in nearly everyone, now is the time to focus, focus, focus on creating and sharing all the good that is happening… in your home, on your teams, and in your communities. 

Help your team focus their attention and energy, and even boost momentum, productivity, and bottom line results throughout the coming weeks. Make a game out of micro-gifting, share your stories, and reap the multitude of benefits across all areas of your life. 

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Here’s To Your Greatness, 

Misti Burmeister  

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