Until today, I have not yet spoken up about the police brutality and violence citizens are facing across the country. Mostly I haven’t spoken up because I don’t know what to say.

I’m so filled with disbelief, sadness, anger, and rage. It’s hard to speak coherently with so many emotions going on. I’m sure many of you can understand that space. This morning, I read a really great quote that’s helped me a good deal. Perhaps it’ll also
help you.

Some are posting on social media.
Some are protesting in the streets.
Some are donating silently.
Some educating themselves.
Some are having tough conversations with friends and family.
A revolution: it has many lanes.
Be kind to yourself and to others who are traveling in the same direction.
Just keep your foot on the gas. Whatever lane you choose in the fight for humanity, know that it is the right lane.
— Jessica Keenan-Wayne

My heart goes out in a massive way to my friends, my family, my colleagues, and all of the people around the world who have been directly affected by this. My greatest prayer is that the essence and energy of Martin Luther King Jr. will rise again and we will come together again and see that we are all truly one and therefore stand for, and with, one another.

Black lives matter.

Language is so important during this time. I heard an analogy recently. If a house is on
fire in your neighborhood and you call the fire department, do you tell them to go to the house that’s on fire or do you tell them to go to just any house? You tell them to
go to the house that’s on fire.


This community, our communities, the core and the essence of all of us matter. Bringing unity, opportunity, safety, and protection to all beings is important. I’ll conclude with this quote by Maya Angelo’s–

“God puts rainbows in clouds so that each of us — in the dreariest and most dreaded moments — can see the possibility of hope.”

My greatest hope and vision is to see each one of us come together, support each other, and challenge ourselves to learn, question our assumption, and choose love over fear.

Here’s to your greatness,

Misti Burmeister

For nearly two decades, Misti Burmeister has empowered leaders with the confidence and tools to solve people problems, increasing productivity and engagement across generations. She is a best-selling author, TEDx Speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and community advocate.