The Reason You’re Not Getting Picked


Not being picked for the opportunity is one thing. Not knowing why you weren’t picked is a whole other.

Most people never stop to figure out why they weren’t picked, and yet that’s the one way to learn, and make adjustments, so you get the next opportunity.

Of course, the other side to this challenge is the group of people who avoid giving critical feedback. They don’t want to feel bad that you didn’t get the opportunity, so it’s better just to avoid the conversation altogether, right?

In some cases, yes! Giving feedback to a defensive person is about as pleasurable as having a tooth pulled.

That said, some people are so hungry to learn that they make giving feedback not only easy, but a pleasure.

Through this podcast, you will witness the power inherent in an open approach to receiving critical feedback. You will also learn the specifics of what makes the person giving feedback want to give you more, increasing your likelihood of landing the next opportunity.

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