Have you ever seen a sign or heard a message similar to this?

If you have, know that what the note really means is that your employer is afraid. Here are a few of the things they’re afraid of: 

Losing employees, which they need to do the work, for better pay

Losing customers because they don’t have the employees they need to do the work

Losing money and the “stuff” money affords them, including prestige. 

It’s a pretty shitty existence… to be in a constant state of fear of loss. And it’s easy, at least in the short-term, to reach for the things that give us a feeling of power, like: 

  Demanding something of you

  Yelling at you

  Posting notes like this 

The shitty news is that some people abuse their power. The good news is that you don’t have to work for a company who abuses power like that. Instead, you can–especially now, which is why they are so afraid–find employment with companies that treat their people with respect, and even kindness. 

Go looking… I promise you will find what you’re looking for.  

Here’s to your greatness, 

Misti Burmeister

Misti Burmeister helps leaders and their team have conversations they keep avoiding but need to have. For nearly 20 years, she has facilitated communication that results in trust, increasing engagement and productivity across generations. Make sure your communication is coming across the way you intend, visit https://www.MistiBurmeister.com