Back in December, I had the great privilege of capturing Rich’s simple system for building a life, company, and career that spreads joy across the globe. For more on that interview, click here.

This time around I wanted to get Rich’s perspective on why it’s lonely at the top, and some strategies for increasing connection and joy from the top. Without realizing it, I tapped right into one of his greatest struggles as an executive within a large company, before co-founding Menlo Innovations.

Throughout this interview, Rich shares exactly what he continues to do every day to ensure he eliminates loneliness and has a real feeling on joy in his work.

Here are the links to the books both Rich and I talk about during the interview:

The Highest Goal

The 5th Discipline

Peter Drucker’s Books

Mega Trends

The Untethered Soul

The Surrender Experiment

Bury My Heart

Rich’s cure to loneliness at the top:

  1. Build meaningful relationships. A key question to ask during any meeting that fosters depth in relationships: “Tell me your life story.”
  2. Invest in yourself. (i.e. get and devour books like the ones listed above).
  3. Ask yourself, “Why did I get into this line of work in the first place? And, how do I get back to that?”

Just before we completed the interview, Rich said something that inspired me greatly, and while I did not write down his exact words, it went something like this…The further you get from the truth of who you are, the more isolated and lonely you’ll be—the closer you are to that same truth, the more joy you’ll experience.

How often are you to doing the work you care deeply about? How close are you to aligning your work with the core of who you are?

To learn more about Rich, and Menlo Innovations, click here.

I hope that one day all leaders adopt your philosophy, Rich—Thank you for sharing the gift of you!

Here’s to Your Greatness,
Misti Burmeister