On Thanksgiving, you received the first 5 ways to ensure you’ll never become mediocre. Too busy eating turkey to read it? Click here to get the first 5 today.

Here they are, in brief:

  • Keep Learning
  • Self-awareness
  • Contribution mindset
  • Advocate
  • Say “Yes”

Here are the final 5 tips to remaining relevant and respected:

  1. Celebrate.

While the mediocre simply say, “Next,” the ones who avoid mediocrity focus on celebrating, both success and failure. They’re the ones who point out the valuable lessons learned from failures, and take the time tip their glass in celebration of both small and large successes.  They acknowledge and celebrate everyone around them, and always look for ways create more opportunities for more success.

  1. Honor your word.

Making unfulfilled promises lands many in the mediocre camp. While emergencies happen, unexpected traffic gets in the way, and life simply happens, the ones who avoid mediocrity simply don’t use excuses. When they say they will do something, you can consider it done, ahead of schedule in fact. If they make a promise, and something happens, preventing them fulfilling on their promise, they communicate and reset their promise.

  1. Smile.

Being overly negative and judgmental is a sure promise into the land of mediocrity. A sure sign of someone who will always avoid mediocrity is positive energy, which is often accompanied by a smile. Recognizing that their energy is highly contagious, they check it at the door before entering. Their smile acts like a magnet to positive outcomes, and people can’t help but want to be around them.

  1. Notice what’s needed.

Rather than wait for someone to ask for help, the one’s who avoid the land of mediocrity, notice what’s needed and jump in to help. They are the type of people who actively listen for a need to appear, and seek ways to find a solution. Often, they know what you need, and have it done, before you do.

  1. Listen.

In a similar way, mediocre people fail to hear what’s expected of them. Meanwhile, the ones who avoid becoming mediocre have enough self-awareness (see Self-Awareness, above) to realize the importance of practicing the art of listening. They are constantly asking questions and making sure they understand what they heard.

Here’s a quick tip on strengthening your listening skills: Let the person talking complete their thought, and then repeat what you heard them say. Don’t parrot – that’s annoying, and inauthentic. After you repeat, check to make sure you got it right, and then ask if there’s more. Finish by saying, “What makes sense about what you’re saying is ____.”


Join The Conversation: What are some of the characteristics you’ve seen in those who are considered exceptional? How do they keep from becoming mediocre?


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