I have seen people get a new job through using social media, especially Facebook! I have also witnessed numerous people squash their chances of getting a position based on the “stuff” they put on their social media sites. Yes, many employers DO research on potential new hires, regardless of age.

The following are three tips for using social media to land the perfect job:

1. Professionalism. Use your “privacy” button and ensure only your friends can see comments/photos that are not professional. This is true if you’re looking for a job or have a job – you never know when you might need to start looking.

2. Connect. Look for ways to help your friends/colleagues connect with each other on your social media sites. Recommend articles, make introductions and suggest people for opportunities as they arise – this will have your community see you as a real asset.

3. Ask. If you’re looking for a job, as for help. Let your network know specifically what skills/connections/resources you have to add to an organization. Find a way to narrow your search down to 3 companies you’re interested in and focus your attention on meeting people who currently work there – find out what they need and communicate how you can help them.

The reality is that the vast majority of jobs are still filled word of mouth. Using Social media is an excellent tool for building a reputation, getting to know others and learning what the needs are – or, better said, find a way to add value to a company you like. For decades, research has shown us that over 90% of jobs are NEVER marketed. How, then, do you find 90% of the jobs available? Relationship building – i.e. networking – and social media is a great place to start, though it does need to be taken to the next level = in person.

Rock on!

Misti Burmeister