5 Practical Steps to Protecting Your Energy


Ever find yourself exhausted, but in need of energy? You know you’ve already been to your favorite coffee shop— twice, but you think just one more espresso will do the trick. I know I’ve been there!

So, how do you protect your energy? Even more importantly, how to increase it, harness it, avoid burn out, get more of it, and shift it during frustrating times.

In this podcast you will get five critical tips to improving your energy today: 

  1. vacations,
  2. exercise,
  3. energy shift*,
  4. motivation*, and
  5. recognizing where your energy goes.

This page captures both the content we discuss in the podcast, and much, much more specific tools, and step-by-step energy-saving tips. Enjoy! Oh, and share the wealth with your friends, colleagues, and bosses alike.

Thanks to Brian Paris, Wayne Coffee and Leib Lurie for their brilliance in this podcast and a special “Thanks” to Dexter Britain, Gillycuddy and Ben Sound for their music contribution, and LN Lurie for being the producer on this podcast.

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In a funk, and ready to shift your energy? Here are 6 specific ways on how to do that!

Have your own unique ways to shifting when you’re in a negative space? Please share!

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  1. Listening to positive/up beat music.
  2. Watch something that is inspiring. Ted talks, your favorite youtube videos. Go for a walk
  3. Read inspirational books
  4. Work out – being around people that are high energy
  5. Write a thank you card- force yourself to be in a place of gratitude.
  6. Meditate and re-think about what is important to you.


You know those moments when you’re ready to knock someone out because they said something that bothered you? Irritation happens! Here’s how to avoid making that moment ruin your whole day by shifting your energy into a positive experience.

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  1. Breathe. This allows oxygen to get past theto the fight, freeze or flee part of your brain and allows you to comprehend what you are taking in. Breathe a lot. Take a walk, have an oxygen tank next to your desk. My audio editor holds plank or handstands until she can’t anymore. Whatever you do- be aware that you are upset and DO NOT answer that email, yet.
  2. Remember. Their behavior has nothing to do with you, even if it feels like they’re attacking you.
  3. Respond. When we’re triggered, we either shift into fight, flight, or freeze. Regardless of your natural response, consider simply saying, “Thank you … for sharing… for the feedback.”
  4. Recognize. In Landmark – and many other personal develop courses offered around the globe – they distinguish between “what happened” and the “story” you made up about it. There are a variety of stories that could be made up from every interaction. Take – for example – someone who cuts you off in traffic. The story you make up could be that they are a jerk, impatient, and unkind – and you could respond as if that is the truth. Or, you could look back and see that was the love of your life who just cut you off – and who you beeped and yelled at… true story! Or, it could someone who just lost their father, mother… or, worse yet, their child. You never know what’s actually happening in their world, so why not change your story to one that benefits them, and keeps you calm? It’s not easy – especially in crazy traffic – but it’s worth it! We all do this- the rabbit-hole of leaping to conclusions. When I inquired about Bailey- she started with “She’s a jerk” which is an assumption resulting from a action – it’s not the truth. Recognize it’s only a story that is being created BY YOU. And you can only harness/take control of this situation if you take 100% (not 75, not 90, not even 95%) responsibility for getting a new outcome.
  5. Ask questions. We’ve said this again and again through this podcast…. Ask more questions … make sure you understand… “What I hear you say is ____. Did I get it? Is there more?” Or, in the case of Bailey – I see that you’re not including me on some emails – can you help me understand why? Then, make sure you understand what theyre actually saying by repeating it back.
  6. Say “Thank You!” This seems counter-productive and totally against our instincts. I can hear Bailey now: “but she’s being a jerk! Why should I thank her?” Go back to #2 and 3 again. Regardless of the manor in which others give you feedback, thanking them for helping you understand how you’re coming across in their world only gives you greater insight into how your behaviors come across.


Are you lacking motivation? Ever wonder about the purpose of your work? Ever find yourself worrying that you have no plan, and no way to feel a sense of success? Establishing your personal (and company/team) direction is a powerful way to get just the motivational bump you need. Need help identifying and creating your goals, or in some cases, a vision for your team? The following are five practical steps to uncovering yours:

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  1. Notice. When you find yourself attracted to an organization, or other people who leave you feeling excited, passionate, and curious, take note. There are plenty of people, companies, and causes to get excited about, but if you never expose yourself to them, you wont know that they interest you.
  2. Expose Yourself. Pick a conference, or event, that seems interesting and go to it. You’re not going to find a job, or even an opportunity. You’re going to expose yourself to the people and topics that might be of interest. For example, you might find entrepreneurship, marketing, nutrition, backcountry backpacking, or fashion of interest… go expose yourself to others in the industry. You can even start this process online, but definitely get in person… their energy might just stir yours!
  3. Take Action. If you see an opportunity to help on a project that interests you, get into action. Think of ways you can easily help, and just start contributing. Don’t worry about prestige, or money – money follows value… share yours!
  4. Keeps a Journal. Every night, answer these questions: what qualities did I exemplify today that I’m proud of; what am I most grateful for today; and, what did I learn. Go for three items in each section. If you only come up with one, it’s a great start. As you do this exercise every day, you come to know yourself – this is the foundation for strengthen your self-esteem. Taking the time to learn about yourself gives you the power to understanding what kind of opportunities you want in the future. I cant over emphasize this – just as you’d learn everything you need to know about how to care for a new car in order to ensure it stays in running condition, you need to do the same for yourself. Learn about you, so you don’t have to depend on others to do it for you.
  5. Stay Connected. When you find someone or a topic that inspires you, keep connected to them and the topic. You can send helpful articles, grab coffee, find ways to help, or simply enjoy learning about them online.

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