The following are 7 simple ways to say Thank You to your team this year, and all throughout 2016:

  1. Pause, and write your list of the specific qualities you’re authentically grateful for in each team member. Are they excellent with excel, public speaking, or maybe negotiating? Rather than simply say, “I appreciate you, or Thank you,” get specific.
  2. Gift cards are made even more special when the card you give has meaning. One of my teammates loves the outdoors, talks about shopping at REI, and so a gift card was the perfect gift for her. What about your team? Don’t know? If you don’t, no worries, just ask. Listening to their interests is generous, and will leave them appreciating your gift even more.
  3. Hand written notes are rare, and therefore even more valuable. If you have hundreds of employees, colleagues, or team members, perhaps handwriting all your cards isn’t practical. But, you can personalize (put a favorite quote, poem, or story) one card, and write a brief message for the most important people inside each card. Vista Print is a great option for these cards, and so is Send Out Cards (they actually mail all your cards for you too—simply upload your contacts once, and bam).
  4. Take your team to lunch and verbally thank each of them for their unique contribution. Remember the importance of “specific” when acknowledging each person. “I appreciate you for your awesomeness,” isn’t quite as strong as, “All year I’ve watched you run hard at learning the latest and greatest marketing strategies on social media, and I appreciate all you’ve done.”
  5. Celebrate your accomplishments. Make note of all the small achievements your team made in 2015, and be sure to let them know that it would not be possible without their efforts. While it’s best to do this in person, you can also do it on the web, email, and even a blog.
  6. Make them something they’ll enjoy. There’s nothing quite like a handmade gift. One client gave jewelry she made, another found a recipe for sweets that fit her employees restricted diet, and delivered them to her. So generous! The great news is that you don’t necessarily have to be the one to make the gift. Simply finding a vendor that sells the sweets her employee could eat was incredibly thoughtful and generous. Have fun with this! Giving myself the time to write a poem was the gift I gave to many friends and clients. I included it below, for your enjoyment.
  7. Offer your team a chance to share their 2016 goals. Then, help them gain clarity on why their goals are important to them, brainstorm ideas on what they may need to reach their goals, and make note of connections you can help to foster, or ways you can help them throughout the year.

Here’s to Your Greatness,

Misti Burmeister

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P.P.S. Here’s the poem I wrote just a few weeks ago ~ enjoy!


Touched By Life
By Misti Burmeister
November 2, 2015

To be touched by life,
Is magic.
His life,
Soaring through me,
Always within me,
You, and the leaves.
Life is a force.
And Gratitude,
Bring it forth.