Always a Shore

Mali Phonpadith is an exceptional woman ~ a truly kind, uplifting, loving woman ~ she is one of my best friends and a real gift to our world. She wrote the following prose just a few days ago and emailed it to me. I was so touched by the power in her words ~ I needed to share it with you…take a read:)

by C. Mali Phonpadith
September 23, 2008
Copyright © 2008

I am not sure at times why things take place in our lives, why some people must come and stay for a while and while others must simply cross our path and say goodbye. What I do know is that every soul I encounter was perfectly positioned to touch me…and I them. I will not always understand in each moment what the purpose of our encounter might be, I just simply accept that we were meant to be in each others lives. With that acceptance comes my desire to make the time that we are given COUNT for something beyond a superficial “hello” and meaningless
goodbye”. If I’ve learned anything in my life thus far it is that everything will shift, everything must change in order to live life fully. It’s like a law of the Universe…the law of life. The one thing that I am learning to do well is to ride the waves as gracefully as I can- and in the toughest of tides- I know that there is always a shore…or at least an island somewhere along the way!

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