By Misti Burmeister
© November 9, 2009

It‘s Fall, and as I watch the trees in D.C. evolve from deep green, to a beautiful shade of yellow, to a vibrant red (some moving more quickly through this process than others) leaving a sea of reds, yellows, greens and deep pink, I can’t help but think of the change that’s occurring inside me.

Eventually the vast majority will be left bare, turning brown before falling to the ground. When Fall is complete, we will be able to see the bare bones of the trees and, in fact, we’ll be able to see what’s beyond them. What lies beyond the trees will be ever-present and the sounds will travel easily through the air as the leaves have fallen to make way.

I see the vibrant colors, in many shades, held tightly to my effervescent core that is screaming to be witnessed. I see them and I’m ready to experience my life as the magnificently beautiful leaves – you know, the ones who have guarded me my whole life – fall to the ground and expose the core of who I really am.

I am learning to fall in love with these beautiful leaves. There are many, and I know they will always be there with me, ever present as I delve closer and closer to my inner self. I’m ready to watch a few release from me and fall right beside me – hold tightly to my side, if necessary. I will enjoy their beauty from all angles.

As they fall and I begin to see myself more clearly, what will I find? As I’ve asked before, “Who am I without all the titles I have given myself? What is it, really, that I live for?” What has begun to emerge as a part of my trunk, whose roots I will come to know in time?

I am a woman who enjoys nature, appreciates being a part of and connected to a power so much bigger than me, loves connecting with people in deep and meaningful ways, seeks new adventures and loves questioning everyone and everything – for the sheer joy of finding new ways to experience life

I live to feel – to feel all my emotions and witness others becoming brave enough to experience theirs. I live to love – to love all of myself and watch as others fall in love with all they are. I live to learn – to learn about myself and experience the ways so many others understand life. I live to create joy – inside myself and then to watch as it transcends the world.