Another great question from you, my listeners – Thank you!

Your Question: How do I make my company a best place to work?

Thousands of leaders have visited Zappos to learn about what it takes to build a strong company culture. Ultimately, they want to become a magnet to highly dedicated, talented employees, who care about their contribution to the company.

Even more companies and leaders have spent countless dollars to position their company in the media as a best place to work. In fact, one Baltimore-based company made it on the list, yet when I checked to see what their employees are really saying, the results weren’t so positive.

Rather than spend time and resources getting on the list, why not spend your dollars and time on the people, training, and support your employees need to succeed? That way, when they’re on the stage (in front of the customer), they succeed, and your business follows suit.

Just as 13-year-old Jewish girls succeed on stage due to the efforts of the entire community, your employees will succeed with the same core elements. Through this podcast, you will get the 5 critical elements to creating a powerful company culture that provokes greatness. 

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The 5 key elements…

  1. Goal – An inspiring/specific goal. A vision with a clearly defined outcome. When company goals and employee goals line up, you get gold!
  2. Training – Provide the support and training need to succeed at achieve the individual and company goals.
  3. Roots – Remember what it is like to be new at something. Doing so will naturally increase your humility and their ability to relate to you. Mistakes are inevitable – make sure they feel comfortable making them.
  4. Celebrate – Take the time to celebrate their success, and/or the success of your team. Write a note, throw a party, take them out to dinner, or simply ask for their ideas for the best way to celebrate.
  5. Models – Once we figure it out, most of us like to share what we’ve learned. Provide the opportunity for them to become role models for others inside (and outside) your organization.

Becoming a company that people rave about starts with raving about the success of the people in your company.

Here’s to your greatness!