Bill Gates Says Your Job Will Be Replaced By Robots

Does the fear of “Software Substitution” mentioned by Gates in this article posted by Business Insider today, have merit? Is it possible that your job could be replaced by a robot, especially if you’re in the accounting, telemarketing, or retail industry?

I hope so!

The more we manage to replace robotic jobs with robots, the greater our chances are of continued growth, and achieving our greatness.

What happens to water when it isn’t moving? It stagnates, and before long the smell is so bad you don’t want to get anywhere near it, much less jump in it!

The same is true with your career. When you stop growing, or advancing your skills, you become stagnant. Stagnation leads to complacency, and complacency deadens our spirits and leave us less valuable in our job.

So, I say assume Gates is right – that your job could become obsolete – and begin dreaming bigger. Get the training you’re passionate about, and find ways to gain the experiences that matter to you.

The more you develop yourself – the more you continue learning new skills and gaining exposure/experiences – the less you will ever have to worry about some machine taking over your career.

I agree with the late Jim Rohn, “Spend more time working on yourself than you do on your job.” If you do, you’ll always have plenty of opportunity.

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