After watching the recent riots in Baltimore, I remember asking myself, “What can I do?”

I considered participating in a march with a bunch of kids, but something didn’t feel right about that.

Then I reached out to Edie Fraser, a mentor, and the most active person I know in politics, to ask how I can help Mayor Rawlings-Blake. Nothing significant came from that.

Then, when I got an email back in January from my great friend, Wendy Wolock, pointing me to this video, I knew something great was about to go down in Baltimore.

Wendy had decided that weekend to start a non-profit in Baltimore, and since Crossfit had made such an impact on her own life, it made sense that Inner City Weightlifting struck a chord.

In a matter of weeks, Wendy, Zephan (our videographer), and I had our tickets to Boston (Inner City Weightlifting) booked. The stories we got to hear from men who have served 15+ years in prison (more than ½ their life for many), sent chills down my spine.

“I want to get to them before they end up in prison,” Wendy said on our flight home, as we recounted the stories we heard.

The very next week, Wendy found the name “MissionFit,” applied for a 501c3 status, and began pounding the pavement, looking for the right space.

It took months, and plenty of disappointment before she heard about this space, above an auto body shop, that was mostly destroyed in a fire not long before.

“This is it,” Misti, she told me on a phone call, before she even had all the details worked out. She knew.

That conversation was literally 8-10 weeks ago.

Last week, when I walked into the space, I knew it was the perfect space to officially launch Provoking Greatness. Her mission, after all, is to create a safe space for at-risk youth to discover their greatness. Yes, greatness!

So, here’s the deal –

  • MissionFit has limited capacity, and we will sell out, so get your ticket Today! (all profits go to MissionFit)
  • There is a limit of just 10 “bring a friend” tickets – a great way to introduce your colleagues to a worthy cause, with an awesome discount. Get yours here.
  • There are SO many great perks for attending, but the most exciting for me is the people you’ll meet – they show up, do the work, and seek to advance worthy endeavors.

Will you join us?

Just in case you cannot make it, please go here to check out MissionFit, and throw a fee bucks into the hat (donate) – the kids will appreciate you very much, I promise!

Also, if you can’t join us on October 15th, but you want to grab a copy of my book you can do so here.

I’m excited to see you there!

Here’s to Your Greatness,

Misti Burmeister

P.S. Get your ticket, and then tell everyone you know about the event – share this link on email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog, other websites. Help us get the word out. TY!