Employees crave community and the vast majority of companies lack it.

It used to be that simply having a job was enough to keep people happy and engaged in their work. They found community elsewhere.

Now, employees – across generations – are demanding purpose in their work, and leaders who will help them achieve excellence in their careers. If they don’t, they’ll either lose them physically, mentally, or both.

In the U.S. alone, $450 – $550 billion each year is wasted on employees who are not “actively engaged,” according to a recent Gallup poll. And that number has only increased in recent years!

Smart companies, and talented leaders, see the power inherent in the problem called disengagement, and have taken action to create/strengthen their communities.

In this podcast, we highlight a community that was barely known just ten years ago: Crossfit. Today, they have more than 9,000 affiliates globally. They have captured the value in community better than just about any company, or organization, I can think of.

While they are far from perfect, Crossfit has managed to get more people off the couch, more connected, and healthier than any fitness program I’ve seen. My friend and audio editor, LN Lurie, is not only a passionate Crossfitter, a student of strong communities, but she’s also a world traveler, and has visited 43 boxes (Crossfit language for “gyms”).

Through this podcast you will learn the 3 most important elements of creating a community that causes people to care. We have woven together Crossfit community secrets with business community successes. Enjoy!

A Special “Thank you” to those who contributed to this podcast:

Crossfit Troy www.crossfittroy.com
Crossfit Fuse https://crossfitfuse.com/
Arenal Fitness: https://www.arenalfitness.com/
Regal Beloit: https://www.regalbeloit.com/
Keith Fuller https://www.fullergameproduction.com/
Scott DiGiammarino: www.reelpotential.com
Friedman Hraboski: https://www.umbc.edu/
and LN Lurie for producing this podcast.