DEOMI professional development seminar a hit

by Master Sgt. Carolanne DiggsDEOMI Public Affairs

DEOMI invited guest speakers here to kick off a week of staff and faculty professional development training Feb. 19-20. Speakers from Dale Carnegie Training; Diversity Inc.; Sounder, Betances and Associates Inc.; and Inspirion Inc. shared their unique perspectives on diversity, communications and leadership with over 100 DEOMI personnel and invited guests. Mr. Clarence A. Johnson, Principal Director and Director of Civilian EEO, launched the seminar with his keynote speech. The president and consultants from Dale Carnegie Training of Central Florida presented “Professional Communications.” They covered subject matter such as becoming a friendlier person, winning people to your way of thinking and enhancing relationship principles. They each presented concepts for successful workplace and interpersonal relationships.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest, most important sound in any language,” said Dr. Beverly Pennacchini, company president, on the importance of remembering names. The first day concluded with Luke Visconti, partner and cofounder of DiversityInc., a privately owned, web-based magazine focused on diversity and business. Visconti presented “a business plan” for incorporating diversity into business practices. “His [Visconti] is an argument that EOAs [equal opportunity advisors] can make to their commanders for why we must have equity in a highly-competitive environment for the “best and brightest,” said Dr. William Yates, DEOMI dean of education. The second day opened with crowd favorite Dr. Samuel Betances of Souder, Betances and Associates Inc., a company of diversity trainers and consultants. Betances’ instruction, “Strengthening the World of Work Through Diversity,” began with a colorful description of his childhood and moved on to the importance of education and having someone who believes in you and your abilities. “It’s one thing to admit students from poverty, and it’s another to provide them a platform for success,” said Betances. “We must provide strategies that ensure they have an avenue for success.”

His background story was inspirational and motivational for many in attendance. “I really thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Betances. He was extremely enjoyable and presented very good, useful information. His life experiences were very interesting, and he is to be commended on his manner of explaining how he used these life experiences to build from in order to become such a talented person. Everyone should have come away from his presentation with knowledge and a good feeling, as I did,” said Nancy Lavant-Gilmore, DEOMI administrative assistant. Betances went on to describe the importance of incorporating diversity into workplace practices. He illustrated some of the challenges minorities face in educational and career development and progression. One theme that carried from Betances to the final guest speaker, Misti Burmeister, was that people should be the change they want to see. “We should demonstrate what we want others to accomplish. We should ask, ‘What must I stop doing?’” said Betances. Burmeister, CEO of Inspirion Inc., spoke on generations in the workplace and echoed Betances’ sentiments. She discussed the value of all age groups in the workplace and their different levels of knowledge and experience.

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