“Employees become disinterested in the company, because the company is disinterested in them.” — Misti Burmeister

It’s no surprise that hard working, loyal, creative team players work best for companies whose leadership has a strong and compelling VOICE.

On the flip side are the companies whose VOICEs are meek and muted, and whose employees come and go unnoticed. At this company, success is likely defined in dollars, hard work is measured in hours, and leadership sets itself apart from the rest of the team. Employees become disinterested in the company, because the company is disinterested in them.

When I asked my friend and swim partner, Caroline, why she resigned from her previous position, her response went something like this:  

“The company bus had the wrong people in the wrong seats, and the driver had no license and no map. And, the bus was heading toward a cliff.”

Then she added another statement about the right people, standing on the sidewalk, watching helplessly in silent disbelief.

When I asked who was responsible for the success – or failure – of the company, she didn’t hesitate. “No one. Everyone was out for him or herself, concerned only with putting their time in. Everyone dreamed about big profits, but skipped over the part about creating something awesome that people would want to buy, or buy in to.”

Exhausted and irritated, Caroline left the company.



The future was blurry. No one could see where the company was headed.

Imagine what would it have done for the team if they knew what all their hard work was going toward.


No one took responsibility for success – or failure.

What if the CEO cared about the team’s success, and demonstrated what success looked like?


No one knew – or cared – what was happening. Driving off the cliff was fine.

Had the leadership team cared about what was happening, the team would have fed off them.


They were only in it for themselves.

What might have happened if they had pulled together as a collection of people who cared about the outcomes they generate together?


Spinning on a wheel is exhausting – and boring.

Rather than having her energy drained, Caroline could have been excited and dedicated.

Reignited Through His VOICE

When Greg, the CEO of an up and coming company, called to recruit Caroline, she could, “see his vision becoming a reality.” His team was fully enrolled in his vision, and they were invested in the company’s success. 

Greg was sharing his VOICE, and as a result, it became stronger and more compelling as each new team member jumped on board to help him.  He was not looking to simply lead his team, but rather to achieve a specific outcome.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: How’s your VOICE? What small change can you make today to strengthen yours?

Learn more about how the VOICE model can help you uncover greatness – in yourself and in others.

Today, Caroline is reveling in the energy of her new company’s environment, and has found a VOICE of her own.———

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