How do you discover your purpose? Is it being revealed to you, but you simply cannot see it? If you could align your passion and purpose, how would you do it?

In this interview with Maimah Karmo, CEO and Foundation for the Tigerlily Foundation, she shares her story from hospital bed (with stage 4 breast cancer) to being on Oprah, starting her own publication (Bliss Magazine), and changing policy on Capital Hill.

Through her story, you will begin to experience your own courage, and see the opportunities life is presentingyou right now.

Throughout her interview, she also shares her secrets for:

  • Starting and running a profitable and highly appreciated non-profit.
  • Retaining high quality volunteers.
  • Making fear function to your benefit.
  • Creating a community of people who care deeply for the people you serve.
  • Radiating exceptionally positive energy in the face of whatever life throws at you.
  • How to pull out greatness in others, whether they are an employee or a volunteer.

Here’s the deal …

This interview was done on the phone, so you can expect it to sound like… a phone call.

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A special Thank You to:

Maimah Karmo: for sharing your greatness!