How do you develop trust on your team? How do you even know you have picked the right team members? How do you align your people with your vision? Are values even important?

In this interview with Wayne Coffey, CEO and Founder of Coffey & Company, he shares his journey from wrangling cattle to harnessing talent.

Through his story, you will begin to experience your own courage, and see the opportunities your team is presenting you right now.

Building a powerful community.

  • Recognizing and acknowledging others.
  • Going away from retaining, onto making them gooder 🙂
  • Help people see their greatness, releasing the stifling effect of self-talk
  • How to provoke greatness in others
  • How to surround yourself with Generals, not privates
  • The real value of journalism and meditating
  • How to do what serves, and watch the money flow in
  • Harness the value of vulnerability, and give feedback that feeds them
  • Fostering communication around failure
  • Seduce them into understanding it’s not at their expense – it’s with them

Here’s the deal …

This interview was done on the phone, so you can expect it to sound like… a phone call. J

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A special Thank You to:

Wayne Coffey: https://www.coffeyco.com/ … for sharing your greatness!