Feedback is critical to personal advancement. In fact, according to a recent Forbes study of 51,000 leaders, those ranked in the bottom 10% in asking for feedback were rated in at the 15% in overall leadership effectiveness.

Conversely, leaders ranked in the top 10% in asking for feedback were rated at the 86% in leadership effectiveness.

Receiving feedback is not only necessary to great leadership; it’s essential to giving feedback.

It used to be that receiving no feedback meant that you were doing good, at least for the Baby Boomer generation. Now, this skill set it imperative to engagement, across generations.

Of course, those who don’t acquire this skill will not only lose out on getting better results, but they literally lose big dollars ($450-550 billion are lost on disengagement in the U.S. alone – Gallup research) on turnover and disengagement.

Here’s the trick though –  you don’t get better at giving feedback by… giving it. As you’ll learn through this podcast, you’re greatest source for improving in giving feedback is by seeking it out.

Through this podcast, we provide specific and tangible steps for improving your ability to receive feedback.

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