Another great question from you, my listeners – Thank you! Your Question: How do I get the “higher ups” to acknowledge I’m the leader of the team? How do I get my teammates to acknowledge that I’m the leader of the team?

Tweet: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams.

When considering the truest definition of a leader—inspires others into following—the “higher ups” and teammates automatically acknowledge you as a leader. Assuming this question is not related to getting more money or a promotion, perhaps the bigger question is: how do I become the type of leader that others want to follow? (Side note: if your real question was about getting more money/a promotion, consider sharing your vision for where you want to take the team – the result that will bring the company – and ask for the promotion.) Remember, we know we’re leading when we look behind us and there are people following. That said, here are the two most important elements to becoming the type of leader others want to follow:

  • Victory – do you know what it looks like? When you know where you’re headed, why you’re going in that direction, and why others should care, they’ll jump on board and work hard to help you succeed. Of course, the direction needs to be about something greater than ego or bank accounts.
  • Driven – do you know the internal drivers (motivators) of each team member? If not, find out what their goals are and why those goals are important to them. If they don’t have specific goals, find out what skills, experiences, and people they want to meet.

Once you have these two pieces of the puzzle, you’ll have exactly what you need to shine as a leader. Find a way to line them up and you’ll wind up with a line of people at your door, asking to be a part of you next project! Here’s to your greatness!