I pray every day, sometimes several times a day.  I pray for clarity and opportunity—to speak, coach, and elicit meaningful conversations—to share the gifts that God has given me.

I’m not a religious person, but I am spiritual, and the word God works for me.

My one request of God: “Open the door.”

My promise: “I’ll walk through it.”

Recently, I got a request to submit a video explaining what I would speak about, given the opportunity, to a group of small business owners that teach insurance sales professionals how to sell.

“Will you please send me a link to their webpage?” I asked Mauricio, the guy with the speakers bureau.

“Well, I can, but it’s in Spanish. Is that okay?” He asked.

“You know I don’t speak Spanish, right?”

“Yes,” he said, “I submitted three names to my client—yours, and two Spanish women.”

“Really God? You want me to speak at an event that is almost exclusively Spanish?” I thought as I drove home to grab a shower (I was at the gym when I took the call), and record the stupid video.

I have no idea if I’ll get the opportunity, or how it will go if I do, or if this was just a test, but what I do know is that God opened a door. And I promised to step through.

Are you asking for doors to be opened? Because if you are, I would love to know—maybe I can help. Even if helping simply means holding your hand as you record the video.

Are you stepping through the doors God is giving you, or are you resisting such gifts because they don’t look the way you want them to look? I did that for far too long!

If you are, stop it. Please!

Get up and crawl through that door if you have to. And, please know, you’re not alone if you crawl. I’m here with you, and fully ready to hold hands as we brave our way through the beautiful challenges God keeps giving us—the ones that look like difficulty, hurt like heck, but somehow wind up strengthening us.

Deep beneath the surface of my goofiness is an awesome friend—one who loves you greatly and would walk through fire to help you get to see the gift that is you.

Please, dream big, ask big, and crawl if you need to. I’m here with you, and I love you.

Here’s to your greatness!