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Nobody reaches greatness by himself or herself, and nothing great is ever achieved in isolation. If we want to go for greatness, we must ask for the support we need.

The best leaders on the planet understand that they need their team to reach their goals, and so they ask for help and provide the opportunity for others to step up.

Until this afternoon, I thought I was pretty good at asking for help.

“You’ve done a great job asking for donations for Swim Across America,” Jane, my coach, said to me, “But have you asked your fans to help you get the word out about your new speech?”

She nailed me when she followed that up with, “It’s easier to make the ask when the outcome doesn’t directly benefit you.” Of course, this provided some great fodder for journaling and self-reflection this evening.

Considering how much I coach others to ask for help, it’s my turn to step up and ask for your help.

My newest keynote speech, Provoke Ability: How to skillfully leverage the talent on your team, has gotten some great reviews.

I would like to talk to other leaders/executives – if you know anyone who could benefit from hearing this message, please have them email me directly at:

Thank you!

Here’s to Your Greatness,


Misti Burmeister


P.S. Yes, it made me uncomfortable to ask for your help, but I suppose this type of discomfort is where greatness lies.