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Ever find yourself frustrated with the push back you get from someone you care about and would like to see succeed? Perhaps you’ve encouraged them to get more training, go to a conference, build new relationships, or finish their degree. Despite your many attempts to encourage them, they do nothing.

Should you just give up and move on?

Yes and no.

Yes, give up on your strategy, but please do not give up on encouraging those you care about.

During a short hike to a remote campsite, Daisy, our Pennsylvania-based park ranger, shared how she shifted her strategy and wound up with excellent results. Check this out…

“When my son was twelve, I kept telling him, ‘You’re going to college.’ After listening to me nag for years, he finally said, ‘Why? You never went.’”

He was right, and she couldn’t handle that burden. So, at thirty-six, she enrolled in college. Two years later, she is halfway to completing her bachelor’s degree in science.

“Now, he can’t give me that crap anymore. I’ll do whatever it takes to get my children through college,” she said.

I was inspired.

It left me asking myself this question—“Who am I constantly trying to encourage, and how can I take Daisy’s approach?”

It did take but a few seconds to hear my nagging voice to realize the steps I need to begin taking today. Rather than focusing on getting others to do what I think is best for them, I’m focused on moving the ball forward in my own life. Such progress cannot help but inspire others to move toward their greatness.

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Here’s to your greatness,

Misti Burmeister