As I read the following quote, I thought, here, THIS, is the reason there is such a gap between young and seasoned professionals.

“Gen Y professionals are perceived as being the weakest performers among the four generations in the U.S. workforce.”


Of course there are just as many news articles pointing to how absolutely amazing generation Yers are. And, what’s amazing is that it’s true – generation Yers are great! So are Generation Xers, Baby Boomers and Matures. Each generation has it’s own unique talents, defining moments and ways of approaching life. Thank God! If we were all exactly the same, who would come up with new, innovative ideas or challenge the status quo?

While many people are focused on the challenge of the differences, I welcome all of us to consider the advantage of the differences. When harnessed, the differences are truly a huge asset.

The only way to build a bridge between people of different generations is to help both young and seasoned professionals understand how to communicate, build relationships and share ideas amoung each other. The responsibility lies in the hands of both young and seasoned professionals. I welcome you to take action on building the bridge!

As always, I welcome your thoughts.

Rock on!

Misti Burmeister