Are you a leader or seeking to be one?

This is the perfect time to step up and stand out.

A recession creates fear, causing many people to cover their own behinds.

It is during these most challenging of times that the best of people have an opportunity to emerge as leaders – not simply by title, but by their commitment to others. This commitment naturally lends to faithful followers.

So, what can you DO to harness this opportunity?

Step one: Make a decision to be a part of the solution

Step two: reach out to your network (friends and family) – find out how they are doing – look for ways to help THEM.

Step three: If you are in a leadership position – communicate! Share what you can = keep lines of communication open. Listen to your team – encourage them to get creative regarding new avenues of revenue for your organization. If you are striving to be a leader, communicate with your leadership – find out what you can do to be a part of the solution.

Step four ~ golden step: Humor. The best medicine for stress is laughter – use it!

Now that you have these strategies, I welcome you to share them with everyone you know. Imagine the difference it will make when people begin listening to, sharing and creating solutions together.

This recession is a great opportunity to refocus on what matters most – building community. Success lurks within strong communities – just ask President Obama! Be a part of the solution!