In a society that treasures independence, we struggle with the notion that we should ever need help.

“If I ask you, then I owe you,” ripples through our minds as we sit inside the safety of our home, wishing for freedom and complaining about our circumstances. Besides, even if we did ask, we risk the possibility that you might say “No,” leaving us open to feelings of rejection.

It’s hard to ask for help, and it’s even difficult to offer it at times. It’s frustrating to deal with the people who refuse to accept help, lest you make a real human connection with them—one where money and power diminish in exchange for a deeper human connection.

We all have needs, and we all struggle with loneliness. Few of us are willing to let our guard down long enough to experience the pure bliss that is connection. The vast majority keep our walls fully erect—to the death, if necessary.

How might your life be different if you lived and worked in a community where difficulties were expressed openly, emotions had the space to breathe, and hugging were as natural as breathing? What if meaningful conversations were commonplace, and such dialogue prompted not only healing, but also accountability?

While changing the world is overwhelming, consider the possibilities when you lead the change within your community by replacing your desire to—

  • Be in Control
  • Horde—opportunities, relationships, and things
  • Be fiercely independent

With a willingness to—

  • Connect through your struggles, and triumphs
  • Love and give, without condition or expectation
  • Allow for interdependence, and show affection, even with total strangers

It’s risky, but is it worth it? What would you gain if you did?

Here’s to Your Greatness,

Misti Burmeister

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