“When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

2009 is the year of new beginnings. Why? In numerology the number 11 represents new beginnings. Of course, the numbers have to add up to 11 ~ two plus nine is 11. So, from the perspective of numerology, 2009 is a year of new beginnings.

In 2009 the word “mentoring” will continue to become a greater topic of interest to many. Why? Because people are more inspired today then in the recent times ~ they want to know what they can do to make a difference. This is true across generations.

2009 is the year many people will look for those in need of support and willingly give it. But how do you know what you have to offer? How do you know who you can help or how to help others?

The following are three steps to making a meaningful difference in 2009:

  1. Define how much time you want to allocate to helping others.
  2. Open your eyes to the beauty around you. When you take the time to focus on the needs of others, you will undoubtedly see many ways people need your ideas – your guidance – your support – your listening.
  3. Offer. This does not mean you have to go over to someone and say “I see you need help and I’m happy to provide you with all my solutions.” Rather, it is simply showing up, fully present, ready to listen and ready to help in the way they are ready for your help.

Mentoring is very often thought of as a thing that seasoned professionals provide for young professionals. I welcome you to consider you have something to offer and certainly much to gain regardless of generation. So, if you goal is to be of support to those around you, look for those opportunities without concern for your age or theirs.

P.S. I’m no expert in numerology.

Rock on!

Warmly, Misti