“Culture trumps strategy every time,” Mr. Quitoni, Corporate Director, Ritz-Carlton.

You’re ready to get (and keep) your team engaged!

You’ve seen how valuable those dedicated, passionate, and committed team members are, and you’re ready to get them on your team!

You clearly have a great team, and you’re ready to see the results when they collaborate and innovate more.

This whole “culture thing” has taken off! Many leaders are studying the Zappos, Google’s, Honest Tea’s, and Ritz-Carlton’s of the world, striving to figure out how they created company cultures that has hundreds of talented professionals throwing their resumes in the hat, vying for an opportunity to contribute.

In today’s podcast you will gain access to the simple, yet powerful, strategies used by some of the world’s best companies.

In the following 15-minutes, you will get tips and tools to strengthen your company culture.

Here’s the deal …

All audio clips were taken from phone interviews… not ideal, but necessary to capture a global selection of excellent material for you.

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