You’re more talented than you know.

The key to reaching greatness lies in focusing on improving your PR (personal record).

Personal: You.

Record: Marker of success.

PR: Your current marker for success.

One of the greatest killers of greatness lies in comparison. It’s easy to look at someone who’s perceivably more successful than you and beat yourself up because you’re, “not as good as them, so why even bother?”

Throughout this podcast, I share specific strategies for overcoming fear and self-doubt, which almost always begins with clarifying your “There.”

How do you know when you’ve gotten there—when you’ve reached success? And, why does it matter…to you?

Another critical component to overcoming self-doubt: self-talk. Listen in, and then shift your internal monologue from, “I’m never going to get there, to:”

  • It’s okay, I’m okay.
  • I’m rockin’ it!
  • I’m going to make this.
  • One step at a time.
  • I just need to get through this step, and then the next. That’s it.
  • I’m almost there.

You know the crazy on slot of negative self-talk that comes with just about any big challenge? It’s usually only there for the first portion of the challenge (I call it “the suck”), and then it disappears and you realize you’ve got this.

What do you say to yourself to get through the suck? My go-to is “One step at a time,” “Just this stroke (for swimming),” or “Just this video/speech/post (my work).”

I’m excited to hear yours!

Here’s to Your Greatness,

Misti Burmeister

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