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Beyond being one of the most articulate communicators on the planet, Dr. Nido Qubein is a humble leader, with a waiting line of people eager to be a part of his team.

He’s truly one of the most remarkable leaders I’ve ever experienced, and I’m grateful to have a chance to share some of his philosophies with you.

During the interview, Nido talked about:

  • The real secret to happiness in life: having purpose in your life. He goes into great deal on specific actions to take in order to find your purpose, which leads to passion. Passion, he says, leads to energy. Energy leads to action. Action leads to success. Success leads to significance. Significance leads to happiness.
  • The definition of an effective leader.
  • His #1 most important habit: Energy management.
  • The top 3 qualities he looks for in any new hire: #1 initiative.
  • He distinguishes between a “workers mentality,” which is what most universities are preparing students for, and an “entrepreneurs mentality.” The later of which will get you every opportunity you want.
  • “Top performers,” he says, “focus on results, while non-performers focus on excuses and complaining.”

This interview is packed full of valuable information – Listen in! And please share.

More on Dr. Qubein:

After coming to the U.S. as a teenager with no money and limited knowledge of English, Qubein has become an accomplished business leader, dedicated philanthropist and President of High Point University.

His life story is one filled with adversity and abundance. It is through the lens of his life accomplishments that one appreciates his current role as an educator, philanthropist, and passionate advocate for the development of our future leaders.

Dr. Qubein also serves on the boards of BB&T Bank, Great Harvest Bread Company and La-Z Boy Corporation. He has also written a dozen books and recorded scores of audio and video learning programs.

President Qubein has partnered with faculty and staff to forge new opportunities for HPU. Focusing on experiential education and holistic, values-based learning, graduates are prepared to live a life of both success and significance.

He has served as past president of the Big South Conference and teaches a class to all freshmen titled, “The President’s Seminar on Life Skills.” In the course, Dr. Qubein shares with students the habits, skills, values, and the practical intelligence that one must apply to succeed in an ever-changing world.

I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to share this interview with you – Enjoy!

To learn more about Dr. Qubein and High Point University, click here.

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Misti Burmeister