Building Leadership

“If your team has no clear career goals, help them see what’s possible. Take a stand for their greatness.” — Misti Burmeister

While each moment provides us with a new beginning (and there’s beauty in that reality), the New Year is a great opportunity for reflection and to make some simple, subtle shifts that, added up throughout the year, can make a substantial difference.

Just as one degree in temperature can either freeze or boil water, a small change in behavior can impact our lives – and our teams – in major ways.

Ready to take your leadership ability to a whole new level in 2013? Here are some subtle changes that create a substantial impact:

1. Learn what drives you. What are you passionate about and deeply committed to? Learn to dream bigger. Enlist the support of a colleague, boss, friend or coach – someone who will help you step outside your comfort zone.

2. Learn about the dreams of those on your team. If they have no clear career goals, help them see what’s possible. Take a stand for their greatness.

3. Become a better listener. This is a skill that can always be improved upon, and doing so will make you more powerful. A quick technique I learned along the way is to repeat what you have heard and ask for clarification, like this:

“What I heard you say is this … Did I get it? Is there more?”

Listen to what the other person is saying, and then make sure you understand.

4. Be at the center of a Tribe – which is what Seth Godin calls a “group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” Not only do you want to be part of a group like this, you want to be at the heart of it – the one to whom others look for introductions, growth opportunities and experiences.

5. Be aware of what you’re putting out there. Understand that your external world is purely a projection of your internal experience.If your team members are not passionate and excited about their work, consider that you are not – or that you are not communicating your passion.

Here’s to a productive, successful and happy New Year for you and your team!

Keeping it simple,

Misti Burmeister, best-selling author of From Boomers to Bloggers: Success Strategies Across GenerationsHidden Heroes and Power Suck.

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